Wednesday, 29 January 2014

Revisiting memories, redefining relationships

Dear blog, I am revisiting you once again after quite a gap. I know why. I am revisiting old feelings, old memories and experiencing feelings which are everlasting. I love the feeling...a relationship that is not supposed to be one. Is there something called a non relationship? If there is, then I love being in one. And, as I sip my peach Bellini in my hotel room in Chennai, I am a bundle of longing and desires I have long been successful in masking and kidding ़ myself. How can you redefine the rules of a non relationship? Replace commitment, expectations and routine with impromptu trysts, unplanned walks amid nature, sheer joy and warmth which a regular relationships robs you of.....And you arrive at what is a non relationship. And I love being in it. We lead routine, boring and stressful lives. A touch of romance is all we need to make this life worth living. I long for the next tryst, but don't expect one and am certainly not planning one. That is the spirit of living the real,life....

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