Tuesday, 30 November 2010

A birthday once more

This week will end with December 4, the day when I first met this world. This year has been uneventful. But it has calmed me down considerably. No significant achievements in personal or professional life except that it was a milestone. I became the mother of a college kid....

Say hello to the calm new me. The last one year has helped me grow up, manage my expectations, measure my joys and sorrows, balance the scales of my life. Some things are best left as they are. My new calmness should not be mistaken for lack of energy and passion which are hallmarks of my personality. Its just that the passion and energy are tamed to be utilised in the right channels. The result of this will take time to show. I still hate and love as passionately as before.

Today, I am not afraid of losing love, I am not insecure. I am no longer a crushed flower. I know I am me and nothing can change what I am. I shall not hanker for attention. I know my worth. And one thing is unchangeable...I recognise eternal love..it needs no relationship, not even frequent interactions. Its a permanent feeling..unchanging, no matter what the circumstances. Its not shallow or superficial. It has depth..of feeling and of caring. I know what I love and no one, not even the object of my affection should be involved. Love is freedom, a liberation..because you know you can always fall back on its subliminal feelings. Its unselfish and does not care about reciprocity. My love is my soulmate. Whether anyone agrees or not is immaterial.

All these thoughts have calmed me down. I have understood love that springs from the soul. There is no profit or loss in it.

Happy birthday to me!