Friday, 23 July 2010

Soul all time favourite...

Here are the lyrics

Ever and ever, forever and ever, you'll be the one
That shines on me like the morning sun
Ever and ever, forever and ever, you'll be my spring
My rainbow's end and the song I sing
Take me far beyond imagination, you're my dream come true, my consolation
Ever and ever, forever and ever, you'll be my dream, my symphony
My own lover's theme
Ever and ever, forever and ever, my destiny will follow you eternally
Take me far beyond imagination, you're my dream come true, my consolation
Ever and ever, forever and ever, you'll be the one
That shines on me like the morning sun
Ever and ever, forever and ever, my destiny will follow you eternally

Makes a lot of sense to me. And to you...?

Wednesday, 14 July 2010

Today's quote

A really powerful one which I stumbled upon on FB.


Monday, 12 July 2010

Guys getting real

First of all, I am relieved that the FIFA Cup is over....At least I will get more frequent eyeballs on this blog which I have been missing for some time. And guys, please leave some comments. I would love to know your thoughts on what I am writing. Come on, don't be shy, but take your time....

I recently read an article called 'Real Heroes' and what attracted me to reading it was the fact that all the opinions were given by Indian women authors and the fact that most of them were around my age category intrigued me..

Some of the quotes I agree with are:

A man who can laugh at himself is dead sexy.
A guy who listens is great--but rare, if not mythical.
A good looking man is nice for 10 minutes. Then what?
More than looks, confidence attracts a woman.

And last but not the least

The Total Package

Intelligence, the ability to have a conversation, a sense of humour, a listener. He should also hold the promise of a decent life. If he's handsome, its great and if he can dance, better.

I would add humility and exude a sense of power to that...and of course well-dressed!

Friday, 9 July 2010

Random reflections

I am happy this week is coming to an end and am gearing up for a getaway in the weekend. Nothing special, but yes, with the family...quality time. There are times I feel anything is better than staying home and being mired in the weekend the house, spying corners with forgotten dirt and cobwebs, stocking up the kitchen and fridge, settling the odds and ends, changing linen and curtains, vacuuming the place and a zillion other things.

Actually I realised my job isn't too bad. Everyday I am onto something new. The sectors I handle gives me the variety my restless self craves for. Just last week, I met the chief of a large film production and music company, a brilliant scientist who is the inventor of the Intel web cam, a director who has produced two vernacular award winning films, a fiesty woman entrepreneur who produces eco-friendly material and so on. Which other job can get you to meet such a mixed palette of clients? And each one of them is so different from the other. And I am the common thread through all of them....

But besides the job, one is not happy with policies of the powers that be. Around 27 jobs have been made redundant. You see people with lost jobs but smiling faces on the corridors. My department is not under the ambit of the cut. But it could be only a matter of time.

But before such time comes, I would have delved into my inner strengths and resources to make my life less dependent on the marketplace and more reliant on my inherent abilities.

I have been prolific lately. Writing is the best catharsis for me and I am so glad I know it.

Thursday, 8 July 2010

Defining the inexplicable

Love can have 2 absolutely different meanings. Love as a 'relationship' becomes a bondage as there are expectations and demands. When love becomes a 'state of being', one is simply loving, not creating a relationship out of it. It does not ask you to be in a certain way. It demands nothing, It simply shares. The sharing itself is the reward. Then it has a beauty, for only then has it become something of the divine - Tao

Knowing your worth and moving on

If you love something
Set it free
If it comes back to you, it is yours
If it does not, it was never meant to be...

Simple words, but difficult to follow. Analyse these four lines and you come up with a different perspective. Your object of affection is not worth it, realise your own worth and move on, is a more brutal way of looking at issues that occupy matters of heart and soul.

We tend to cling to relationships. Even though we don't want to understand where we stand. We get taken lightly, not receive our due, are taken for granted but yet we carry on sweeping the dust under the carpet. We do it in the name of love, we leave our egoes behind, we lose our rationality, only to realise after it is too late and we hve done considerable damage to our psyche.

I have decided to now take charge of myself. Plan my future and be myself, not be a victim to whims and moods, market uncertainties and job pressures. Book project and consultancies seem high on the horizon. I have to keep reinventing possible futures to choose from. And I must do it without distractions....

So miles to go before I sleep?

Friday, 2 July 2010

Existentialism and romance

As people grow older, they tend to become more traditional in their thoughts and action, tend to do conformist stuff and fit in, if not for themselves but for the children. They mouth the same jargon that their parents or even grand parents said because it is becoming and expected.

But for some reason, this is not happening with me. Since I was barely out of my teens my thoughts have been rebellious, against sterotypes, questioning roles and expectations. While I was brought up to be independent, even existentialist in my thoughts, the dilemma was strong in my parents generation. I toed the traditional line, not because I wanted to, but my love for my parents far outweighed ny rebellious streak. The fear of hurting them was paramount on my mind and therefore I followed what was expected of me, unquestioningly. As a result, I bottled up my thoughts, thought of all my real troubles as imagined and went about life as if there was nothing wrong.

This was perhaps the beginning of my living in two parallel the real world and its relationships and the other my imagined preferred planet, where my existentialist ideas coexisted with my creativity...going always for the sensitive, unspoken, underlying much so that I am now a closet poetess and exactly two people in the world know about this talent of mine.

And recently I learnt a very simple lesson in English literature. Why do most fairy tale romances start with 'Once upon a time' and end with 'happily ever after'? Simple, unlike real life incidents they do not have a sense of time and place. Actually therefore, romance does not exist in the real world. Pragmatism is fine with me day to day, but what about my existentialist, make believe universe?

I hope this makes some sense to my readers....

Peter Sarstedt - Where Do You Go To My Lovely (1969)

One of my best loved songs of all times....

Today's tarot card reading

Here's today's reading for me...

King of Swords
An articulate and intellectual man who is very capable in leading others in business and life. A mentor or elder statesman. This man is a good politician as well as a good candidate for the priesthood. Possessing a Solomon-like wisdom and commanding authority. A man of high moral standards and principles. This is someone you can trust in all things. A rule follower. Committed to the greater good of all.

....Hmmmm...Sounds familiar..