Tuesday, 23 April 2013

Agony Aunthood- a whole new level

I have come back to my blog after a long, long time. Some changes both external and internal have manifested themselves in me in many ways. Reiki was one of them. The energy manipulation in my system was done and I did notice the positive effects. But no cure is wholistic and a lot depends on your own will. Let's say I am healed, but not cured. So I have become more adept at handling situations which are negative according to my own definitions. The last few months have made me evolve from a vulnerable, slavish soul to a more composed and mature individual. Let's say I don't do as much soul searching as before. Hence the lag in the blog. And the answers lie within myself. My friends now see me as an agony aunt. I am this non-judging pillar who they think can pillory with their internal storms, however, irresponsible or immoral. However, while I am their closest confidante, some changes within me are starting to occur. Slowly in my mind, I have begun to judge them. Its a secret! I feel they themselves are responsible for their misery. There can never be a compromise between right and wrong. The more wrong you do, the more troubled your life is. I see so much energy get wasted after meaningless pursuits. How would they feel if this energy would be spent on something less meaningless? I have not even got started about negative energy. Its just the wastage that has me appalled. I am not being moralistic. Just discovered that there is no debate between what is right and wrong. Contrary to the belief that the right path is difficult, I actually think being ethical and right is the easier option. Makes life easy. Try it!

Monday, 14 January 2013

Why are we attracted to some people?