Monday, 2 May 2011

Men from Mars and Women from Mother Earth

Do men really come from Mars? I actually haven't the slightest clue as to where they are from! They probably come from the craters of all the planets, I guess!

This blogpost is all about 'tunnel' vision. The ability to block everything else and concentrate on work at hand. My girl friends often complain how the love of their life is neglecting them, they are drifting apart and they do not do happy things together any more.

Well, well...that is so familiar....Possibly men are wired that way. If something is bugging them, they will shut out everything and brood, or get drunk, but never share it till the crisis would impact the significant other. And women are left to play the guessing game..most often we make the mistake of guessing..he loves me, he loves me not instead of trying to guess what is troubling him.

Some men disappear from our lives as if they never existed. No amount of communication can get them to respond till they decide to and then come back warm and involved as ever, as if the disappearance never happened! But till such time, the poor woman as gone through many cycles of the guessing game!

Women are however, born multi-taskers. They don't believe in flying light...but carry the burden of responsibilities, stresses, strains, emotional set backs and physical work together. Hope I am not sounding one-sided. But yes, we are incapable ot tunnel vision except when circumstances really demand it.

And to escape from it all, we sometimes paint, or even write poetry :)