Monday, 1 June 2015

The cycle of life and of love

There I go again. Each time I see you I realise what I am missing in life. I've been working at it for months - to move on and accept my lot in life. But no! The minute I set my eyes on you after a gap of several months,  the familiar ache and longing returns. I want to kick myself for it!

So am I going to spend the rest of my life in this state, while I watch you live yours happy and content with what you've been blessed with? Why do you make me less appreciative of what I already have?

I have explained to myself over and over again. Its a meaningless fantasy, a dangerous game which will uproot our respective worlds and take it apart. Also there's no content to anything except what I feel. An imaginary world of mine which doe not exist in its physical form.

Wish I could take a pill and be cured of you forever! Why, why, why!!!