Thursday, 18 December 2008

A stranger in the mirror

I recently had an enriching conversation where I mentioned that I have now reached a phase where I can see my own self and at times am surprised by what I do or say... Its probably the other me and its nothing out of the ordinary. It maybe happening with everyone else.

In a sort of a way, I could relate to SRK (who else?) in the latest 'Rab Ne Bana Di Jodi'. The film may seem simple to many who would take it at face value. But from an intensely psychological and philosophical perspective, it is a complex film. (Can anyone, ever philosophise about a Bollywood movie? Yes I can....:-))

No apologies to those who have not seen the movie. Am not going to explain what the movie was all about....But, a clue: Surinder was an everyday guy, but an introvert and boring. Raj was an extrovert, and downright cheap to the core (but endearing) and both were one and the same guy.

Let's see it this way. There is a bit of Surinder and Raj in all of us. Deep down, the Surinder in us admires the Raj, but wants the love of our life to love the Surinder in us and vice versa. Those who have seen the movie may like the way I have encapsulated it in a single sentence.

What struck me was the reason why people fell in love...'Tum mein mujhe rab dikhta hai', says Raj to Taani, his love interest. This is so simple, yet refreshing. We probably fall in love with people in whom we see glimpses of God himself.

Maybe it is something in the eyes or the voice which makes you feel you have known the person all your life, even when you meet for the first time. It is possibly something to do with the soul, and not the heart or mind or body.

This could possibly be unselfish love, with no expectations. Love which gives happiness by just its presence in one's heart for the loved one and not expecting to be loved in return.

This somehow struck a chord, which earlier on, I would have dismissed as Bolly drivel.
Strange but yes, sometimes I do feel I am looking at a stranger in the mirror.


MUSER said...

I started seeing RNBDJ....hit pause.... re-read your post....resumed my viewing...
Thanks a ton.
Had it not been for your insightful, yet simply explained analysis, I would've dismissed this movie as yet another of those SRK flops (eg.Paheli).
You helped me understand the reason for the portrayal of Suri and his alter ego Raj and the fact that 'kuch kuch hota hai' when you see 'Rab' in someone. Yes, there is a little of both in all of us, but we fail to realise that. The grass, as they say is always greener on the other side of the fence.
Though SRK essayed both the roles superbly, I would personally choose Suri over Raj anyday. My conservative mind was silently willing Taani not to elope with Raj and I was so relieved when she did what I felt was the right thing to do, both emotionally and socially.
Loved the song ’haule, haule’ is continuously playing in my head!!

honestinjun said...

Thanks for your feedback. But one little point I would like to add...Raj was as sincere in his love for Taani as Suri. And he is the one who said 'Tujh mein mujhe rab dikhta hai' so beneath all that 'chippadpanthi' he was not a light player. And never call an SRK film a flop to me!! :-) Believe me, I would be confused between Raj and Suri..As you would realise at the credits, Suri becomes a bit like Raj in the end. But yes, it would be a tough choice to make...cos Raj made her laugh..which Suri didnt...

Reading 'Only Love is Real' by my fave author Dr Brian Weiss. Really moving. Read Chapter 1 and you will know what I mean.

honestinjun said...

My analysis about the movie was written before I started 'Only Love is Real'. But the book's crux is so similar to what I have already written...seems quite crazy.