Saturday, 24 January 2009


Never thought I would believe in it
I was never even looking for it

In my rational, practical world of small and big mundanities
Life carried on with all its banalities

You opened the doors to the spiritual
Made me believe that life pervaded beyond the existential

Is it possible that time is a witness to our footprints together?
Across time, continents and oceans, our souls knew each other?

We may not recognize it
But I see the signs of it

The eyes and the voice seem familiar
Something I’d like to always see and hear

Maybe destiny would like me to be shown
Glimpses of something close but unknown

Soulmate, show me the way
I think of you every, single day


MUSER said...

This one is the best, even better than the rest.

honestinjun said...

Are you sure? I thought you liked the previous one...For me this is the best one yet....hope to get a few more comments on this. Lets see!

Tas said...

Wish you a belated Happy Wedding Anniversary