Wednesday, 13 May 2009

Trivia, Tattle and Tra La La

A gap in posts and this is a post after long. Actually many posts within a post.
Last few days have gone past at a breakneck pace. An e-fight with an old school pal and a brand new blog to work on...

I fell prey to a writer's block, alternating tra la la moments with nosediving spirits. A fancy new way to describe mood swings?

Elections and the Indian Premier League took up most of my mindshare and both had their own share of hangamas and tamashas. . Well such is the Indian zeitgeist. I love this word. It describes almost everything one wants to say! India just the heat, dust and horse trading are enough masala for an Indian reality show (as someone really dear once described).

The best two things about the IPL have so far been the blog and the new Vodafone ads created for the game introducing new creatures called the 'Zoozoos'. Adorable and so funny, they have the whole nation in their grip. 29 ads, one introduced everyday makes the chemistry between Vidya Balan and Madhavan in rival Airtel ads lose their sizzle completely!
Those who have not seen them have missed something.

Soon IPL will be over and I guess this will be followed by some new decision to start releasing new Bollywood movies in impasse spanning more than a month has led to no new pictures being released at multiplexes. And soon a new government will also take over.

This is going to be a season of new beginnings. And that is why I have decided that somewhere down the line I was wallowing in self pity. That I need to get a handle on life and move on? And to a new beginning I shall work for and that will be less self-pity and more tra la la moments (but some poems will continue!)? Easier said than done. But worth a try?

Ciao till the next post


tasneem said...

Gawd! I loved this post.
Your "tra la la" term to describe your highs is so apt. May you tra la la through life forever.
You seem to be a diehard Vodafone fan. I'll try you tube if I can find those ads-would love to see them.
Obama's mantra to change the world seems to have caught on. Regarding the political scenario, seems like another kichen cabinetis on the anvil-no major change there. Anyways they're all the same.
Glad that you are planning on making a new beginning...good luck to you...its a pleasure to read your posts so keep blogging regularly.

honestinjun said...

Tra la la is something I picked up from Achu's FB status. I had liked the term and it had registered in some chip at the back of my brain. So I have her to thank for! Its really a cute term to describe a good state of mind..And only you know exactly what!