Saturday, 8 May 2010

Appreciation therapy

This blogpost is quite random...The last week was packed with of course, preparing for an outreach event in Guwahati (groan). Never been there, but I am told its a sleepy old town in the north east of India. Wonder what business opportunities we are going to get? But since the leadership wanted a visit, so be it...

The next item on the agenda was the daughter was caught between where to go for undergrad studies...Iowa or Maryland? Have been scouting for visa information, bank statement and proof of funds organised and sent to the universities and now awaiting the eligibility certificate from one of the two...phew, quite a whirl. The greatest negative side effect was that I could not concentrate on my book. But yes, I have done the outlines of 4 of the six that takes care of the plots. But what else can an almost single mother do, who is a perfectionist? I hate micro managing and micromanagers, but my daughter is convinced i have an OCD (obsessive compulsive disorder) which is definitely an exaggeration on her part!

A large part of my time was also spent shopping for my daughter....clothes, clothes and more clothes. The boutiques have been doing brisk business on me and my daughter just got lucky...jeggings, tights, shrugs, tops, denims skirts ...mostly in plain solid colours like purple, bottle green, navy blue. Some pinks and reds too. Tall at almost 5'5", my daughter looks striking (touch wood) I am a proud mother, though I dont show it and she thinks I am her greatest critic.

There is another person whose greatest critic I am and that is I, me, myself. I am alarmed at the rate I am putting on weight. Almost two kilos in two months. So now its going to be back to no carb lunches every alternate day. Steamed veggies, salads, fruits and no chocolates for a month. Although there has been no let up in my walks and work outs, it is the intake that needs to be curtailed. Must nix this hand and mouth disease at the root.

And last, it was such a wonderful feeling when I helped out the daughter of someone who is so dear to me with some useful information. It was a small help, but the appreciation I got for it is incomparable to anything other appreciation I have ever received. Indeed the joy of helping springs from the appreciation you receive for doing it. This appreciation, so genuine and heartfelt is precious and is going to live in me forever. It makes me feel so good to myself. I helped someone, but in the process, I helped myself. It felt like much needed therapy.

Can I ever thank the Almighty enough for giving me a bit of heaven on earth?

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