Friday, 25 June 2010

Perfect Relationships

This week opened beautifully with a call from a very dear friend. These interactions make me light-hearted, smiling and relaxed. Is it possible for one person to be the cause of such pure joy to another? From a bundle of stressed nerves and stretched muscles during the weekend, (I had to cook for an army of uninvited guests for Sunday lunch) I transformed to a happy, loosed-limbed creature Monday afternoon. So, can relationships be perfect? Of course, as long as they are in the mind, and in this case, mine....Friends are generic, even random. But special friends are few and sometimes only one, who can make you feel this way.

Mid-week I saw the movie 'Raavan', much-hyped by the media, but bamboozled by critcs. Breathtaking visuals and mesmerising beauty made the movie a must-watch. The theme seemed loose and the bad guy looked funny and unconvincing. And I could detect a familiar, brooding quiet evil in the supposed good guy....

The movie is a satire on the original epic. It shows there is no good or evil, but shades of grey. Establishment vs outlaw...who is less evil, is the question..

This goes to show we really need to have a religion for humans, not ones which want men and women to resemble and behave like Gods. Garv se kaho hum insaan hain!

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