Monday, 2 August 2010

Immaculate 'Inception'

Its been ages since I raved about any movie. No, 'Slumdog Millionaire' was not good enough, nor was 'Black' or even maybe 'Titanic'. One movie on the top of my list is 'Inception'. Anyone who has seen it has not quite recovered from it.

As for me...well, as most of my readers know, I love to dwell on the fringes of the subconscious, soul and dreams, capture activities that occur in the twilight zone, between sleep and wakefulness, between life and death...

But what I got in the movie was nothing that I had bargained for...a complete 'out of the box' in fact, 'out of the mind' thinking. No, no I am not giving the story away! But terms like 'extraction', 'paradox', 'eternal staircase' and of course 'inception' acquire a whole new meaning.

Brace yourself for more...vertical dreaming...dream within a dream within a dream and lateral of people (as many as five people) dreaming the same dream. And people being trained to protect their dreams from invasion......a new dimension in corporate espionage!! whew!

The movie, a complete work of fiction, helps you put one's dreams in perspective. Put names to occurences in dreams and so forth..

What more can I say? it is criminal to not watch this one.....

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