Sunday, 13 February 2011

Yeh Saali Zindagi!

Nah...I havent seen this movie yet, but just love the sound of its title!! So could not resist using it as a title of this blog. Life is truly a strange thing. It takes you down, takes you up and shakes you all around...but thank God, one is soon back to normal and in one piece...well, mostly.

When we are down and out, we say 'this too shall pass' and when the going is we say that ? nah! But this too shall pass one day. Life is full of ups and downs. However, most of what we see as everyday and routine is actually life in the up. Anything that is not normal is not happy. Abnormal sources of joy can only be murky, sordid or transitory. But imagine how many hours of one's life we waste chasing joy that is not normal or due to us? But how do you define normal? Highly relative and means different things to different people. We also have new normals which need adjusting.

One thing I have never discussed in this the impatience we develop with the people who really care for us. How many times do we brush off somebody's concern? How completely callous we become when people say a few caring words to us? Its strange, but I am guilty of it when it comes to my mother. She is constantly badgering me to eat well and take frequent check ups, which I never listen and follow and show my impatience in various ways. I have seen the same contempt magnified many times by other people who are supposed to matter to me when I express my concern...strange, but this is life.

I am now laid up....with mild numbness in half my back...the doctor says its a nerve injury. This has not affected my lifestyle, but I hope I get my sensations back. I cannot exercise because of this. I have a week long official visit to Bangalore. Look forward to meeting my sis and her family. But I will miss my smallie and my mum and my life back in Kolkata. Till then, ciao babes and dudes. I shall be back soon!

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