Saturday, 3 December 2011

Older and Wiser

Another birthday knocking at my door and in two hours time I shall be a year older. Cannot imagine how time has flown. I may look a little older but have never felt better, touch wood. My weight has been a constant since the last 20 years and I work hard at maintaining it. I am a much more calmed down version of my older self. I have worked at everything. Bringing up the kids (still at it), managing relationships both at personal and professional levels has kept me occupied and I feel I may have arrived at my station in life. My needs are few but now fulfilled. I have learnt to accept situations, people and circumstances better. A few good influences in my life have put me on the road to sanity and calmness. No longer a restless soul, I am now in a mode of consolidating what I already have in terms of material things and personal relationships. I guess this is what growing up and maturing is all about. So what next?

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