Monday, 24 December 2007

Looking back

As we are into the last week of the year, I cannot but contemplate the year gone by. Each year goes by and I, instead of looking forward to the New Year, start getting attached to the year that is passing me by. In fact, I feel sad for the year going by as it will never come back.

This is my week of mixed feelings, every year. Was the year good? Was it bad? Was the bad aspect for a greater good, or was the good aspect for a larger bad?

The last year has been of several ups and downs both personally and professionally. So much so that I feel giddy as if the end of a roller coaster ride. A year of small, significant changes, but I wonder for better or for worse? Am I glad that this year has come to an end? I dont know. I look at the New Year with hope as well as trepidation. May God help and protect us all.

All I can say is, may you have a joyous new year and may you have the strength to weather your problems, to make them seem small, compared to the joys you receive this year and forevermore.

Season's Greetings, Merry Christmas and a Very Happy New Year to all of my dear readers who spare the time to look up this blog.


MUSER said...

Thanks for your greetings.
Wish the coming year holds better promises than this one.
Good luck and take care.

joytotheworld said...

Of late, say for the past 10 years or so, I have been greeting new years with mixed feelings. I must admit that I hate the reiteration (which is natural on December 31) that life is short and that time is running out for me. But when I realise that this is a typical feeling, I am comforted. On January 1, I make it a point to have a busy day so I don't feel there's a big deal about it. I make no new year's resolutions. An old bunny knows how the world goes round. But I do hope that I get luckier this year than in the last. And I wish the same too for every one participating in this wonderful blog. I hope that the hand of God in your lives is underscored by the visitation of better luck and, if not, the strengthening of the will to accept setbacks as signs of better things to come. There is nothing to fear but fear itself. A prayer, composed by the famous poet, Rabindranath Tagore, has these opening lines:

Bipode morey raksha koro
E nohe mor prarhana
Bipodey aami na jano kori bhoy

(Oh Lord, I don't ask you to remove my fears,
I only pray that you give me the courage to look at fear in the eye)

So, have a good 2008

honestinjun said...

I agree with you joytotheworld. Thats how we collectively pray for more fortitude to remain unaffacted by sorrows.