Sunday, 2 December 2007

Racial stink?

Helloooo there all the cool babes and hot guys who visit my blog. I havent been posting much since the last few days.Was weighed down with office work and a busy weekend watching the India-Pak test match at the Eden, Kolkata.

During my various trips zipping around town, I could not miss the new hoarding by Vodaphone which advertises the new call filter facility they are offering as part of their new service. I wonder if anyone has noticed, but the whole ad to me, has very definite racial undertones. It has three face cartoons on it. One of a white man, a white woman and a dark-skinned man. The dark skinned man has his mouth wound up with leucoplast while the white man and woman are smiling. What does it mean? Do dark skinned people make unwanted calls, which should be filtered?

Wonder how this gaffe was overlooked by the senior management of the company. Someone should wake up and take this ad off as fast as they can, or they will be opening a Pandora's box.
Watch this space for more updates as I plan to write to the editor in any newspaper/mag which will care to carry it.

Ciao dearies.. let me sharpen my claws a lil bit ......will catch up later. Meanwhile, please put in your pearls of wisdom as comments to this post!


MumKool said...

Hi there Cool Cat,
I'm an avid reader of your blog and look forward to your latest postings. This one took the cake. You sure are very,very observant.
I havn't seen the hoarding myself but from what you've described, all I can say is that I'm horrified. How preposterous!
Normally Vodafone is careful about the kinds of ads they display. Wonder how this one got the slip.Probably they were destined to get mauled by your sharp claws! I'm waiting to watch the drama unfold once the Pandora's box opens... or will you be opening a can of worms? Guess you know about the rejected Vodafone ad which found its way to youtube and got 3 lakh hits in 24 hours.In case you dont then read about it here...
Meow till next time...From one cool cat to another.
Oh yeah... and all you hot guys out there, we'd love to read some piping hot masala comments from you.

MumKool said...

Just wanted to set a record straight. There is a disclaimer in the website mentioned in my earlier comment that clarifies that all postings on its site are fictional.
Sorry dear.

bullinchinashop said...

Hi Kool Kat

Its indeed unfortunate that Vodaphone should take recourse to cheap stunts through their billboards. They probably think that by being provocative they'd be able to command maximum recall for their product. You have made a significant discovery. Keep it up. I think we should do something about it.