Thursday, 19 February 2009

Shaadi ka laddoo

I won't be able to update my blog for a week. And that will make me miss my blog and all you gorgeous readers who make my day by reading it. I am off to Lucknow to a big, fat family wedding which seems straight out of Bollywood.

My cutest nephew in the world is the 'sona mundeya' who is tying the knot with his American girlfriend of five years who is an absolute sweetheart. The soni kudi will have 10 of her gori friends over, all in the heart of conservative, old world Lucknow. What fun! And I shall play the doting aunt to the hilt!

The mehendi, sangeet, manjha and DJ night are something that all the young ones are waiting with bated breath (not to forget the oldies....70 guests from the extended family) and everyone and her in-laws will be present.

But on a sober heartfelt best wishes to the bridal pair for a long, happy and blissful wedded life, which is now so much a rarity.

Seriously, I feel Indian marriages are long, but may not be happy. To go in for a lifetime commitment, it is really for the lion-hearted to make a go of it.

My take on this is : Those who must marry must qualify for it. Pass an endurance test...for tolerance, patience, strength, disappointment...betrayal. Only after passing such a test, must they go in for the long haul, which may turn out to be a life sentence....certainly not for the faint hearted.

So I will be back after a week and do watch out for updates...Till then, I will miss you all. Till then dream on.....


Tas said...

Nice post, though a bit acerbic towards the end.
Fav nephew n his gori dulhan will make a lovely couple hamesha ke liye.
Give them both a big hug from me.
A pity I'll be missing all the fun n action in the land of the Nawabs.
Make sure you send me my share of the shaadi ke laddoo!

Anonymous said...

Shaadi ke laddoo are like Dilli ke laddoo- khao to pachtao, na khao to bhi pachtao!

Tas said...

The share of laddoos seem to be jinxed!!! Sob...