Sunday, 1 March 2009

Mixed musings

As I slowly settle back to life's mundanities after a hectic week of milad, mehendi, marriage, masti and magic, I feel blank but not stressed. Not exactly happy, but not unhappy too. Yes, I feel relieved to be back to my blog, my world, where my mind lives and resuscitates, rejuvenates and even, luxuriates at the thought of the way life could be, if I chose it. But do I have a choice? Or any choices left??

It was a week of hectic fun, of family reunions, meeting of old and new relationships, of galawat and tundey ke kebabs, of biryani and sheermal, jewellery and fine clothes, ghararas and sherwanis. A bout of resettling and illnesses later, I am back to my favourite place in the world's web space.

I met a lot of people who swear by certain cities and say so and so are their favourites cities... I wonder why? Lucknow is one of the most loved cities of people I know. Visiting the place was tinged with feelings fraught with stoicism. It is the city which has given me moments of intense despair and crumbling relationships, in a bygone, despite the familial love and festivities, there were times when visting certain places was like opening old wounds..... yes, I am clinging to another pain body, which I had thought had disappeared from my psyche.....And yes, I refreshed the main pain body today, by going through the written evidences.....On a happier vein, some of the cities I like to visit are Bangalore, Mumbai and Delhi. London, New York and Toronto are clear international favourites.

So much happened in the last one week. Daily festivities for three days, meeting so many people and yes, A R Rahman and others bagging the 8 Oscars for Slumdog Millionaire were some of the highlights to me. The best outcome of the Oscars being awarded to SDM is the fact the the two street children who acted in the movie were allotted government flats. Now that is what I call rags to riches. Why else do you think I still believe in miracles?

I also saw 'Billu'. All I can say is both the Khans in the movie just rock! I know this post seems quite disjointed...much like my thoughts at the moment. Too many people, too many things have led to a crowding of the mind. The brain needs to sift through the necessary and the unnecessary. Though the very necessary thoughts were always at the back of my mind, no matter how many people, how many thoughts. And these made me smile, sustain. More in the next post, which might be a poem, you never know....


Tas said...

Pity I missed the wedding...would've made sure you didn't even have time to lapse in morosity.
Wait till I come back. Me n Bangalore will be waiting for you with open arms.You'll have all the time n space you need to sift your thoughts & prioritize your needs. I'll also stuff you with all your fav South Indian 'sapaad' coupled with Kerala/ Mangalore seafood...till then hang on!!
TC, Sweetheart.

honestinjun said...

Thanks dear sis. Knew I could count on you. Btw what is 'sapaad'? And remember the gorgeous restaurant we would visit? I forget the name. I remember it was a no frills kind of a place....but the food divine.

Tas said...

'Sapaad' is 'meals' in Tamil!
That Karwari joint has closed down now.
Remember Dorai n his wife, whose lovely house we visited in Coimbatore? Both are S/Indian n/v foodies n awesome cooks. That explains why J is sporting a new paunch!
They keep saying that you are the most beautiful lady they've ever met. You looked very glam in the wedding pics.

honestinjun said...

Ha ha ha! You made my day. You can't expect me to believe the part about the most beautiful lady. They probably need to visit the optician!! :-)

Thanks for your comments on the wedding photos.