Saturday, 7 March 2009

The Alpha woman story

Here is a story I want my readers to complete as I myself don't know the end.

Once upon a time there was a girl named Alpha . She came from an all-girl family and her parents were strong individuals who brought up their daughters to be bold, independent, capable individuals. Feminine frailty, delicateness and incapability were words that did not exist in the family dictionary. Solid, grounded, no-nonsense were virtues that were worshipped.

Cut to marriage into a family where females were scarce. Women were seen not heard. Inability to cope, lack of intelligence and awareness were some of the qualities that were encouraged and appreciated in females.

The alpha girl naturally was confused. Coping in this planet was difficult terrain. She continued being her true self. Of taking pride in being able to juggle job, family, babies, responsibilities single-handedly. Always trying to show she was capable of handling all issues and problems (which were many and multifarious))...too proud to admit she needed help....But always believing it was her own incapabilities that led to the problems themselves (not true).

This led to chinks in her relationships. A case of drifting away. She was content with doing things her way. Life was separate compartments under the same roof.

Till one day, something changed. She met someone. Confident, older, strong and mature. Someone with a twinkle in his eye, a gentle voice, a caring nature and an arresting and comforting presence. It made her want to be a woman.....

Readers are welcome to continue with the way they want the story to end....Honestly, I don't know how to end it.

I look forward to hearing from you all... so stir your imagination, think and write back! This could be a good theme for a Mills & Boon story. Need to flesh it out more.
Will be back with more crazy ramblings. Till then, ramble on....


blogdost said...

Oye, yaar, tumne dharam sankat mein daal diya!
Kahani ka anthim bhaag kya hoga- yeh to sochna padega.
Kuch samay chahiye.
Now don't try to figure out who I am!!! He he.

Tas said...

Extremely well written.
Till I came to the fifth para, I thought you were writing my story!
So you want to know the ending of Alpha's story? She's got a tough job ahead and has to very carefully weigh the pros & cons of what her heart wants her to do.
The romantic in me prompts Alpha to go ahead and rekindle the passion in her soul. She truly deserves to love and be loved and to be selfish for once.
However, the Virgo in me cautions Alpha to restrain herself, to think about the consequences of her action; the havoc that it will wreak on four adult lives and their babies.
Is it worth it???
I'm sorry, I've again left you with question marks.
The third response would be that Alpha should endure all the pain and stick to her chosen one or the one she chooses for herself.
It cannot be a typical MB story, per se. Alpha's has to be a combination of a tragedy & an MB love story.
Hope that helped....or have I left Alpha even more confused?
Talking about MBees, remember how we used to devour them and a whole lot of story books in the good old days when reading seemed to be our only window to romance, excitement etc, etc. MBees were the ultimate for us naive,innocent souls.

Tas said...

I forgot to mention that the powers that be were clueless about my daily fix of MB & Barbara Cartlands and the source of the fixes! Thanks a ton.(chuckle)

honestinjun said...

Funny, but this is just a coincidence that I wrote it on the eve of Women's Day. The viewpoints are numerous and thanks for enumerating the pros and cons. But how to end this story?

honestinjun said...

Its going to be an intense battle between the head and the heart. But I think the head will rule....