Monday, 19 November 2007

Globe or goldfish bowl?

I recently read a magazine which says that blogging is a form of narcissism. I wondered why?

Reading it cleared my doubts. You have a chance to be I, me, myself (what ecstasy!) to the whole world or whoever cares to read your views and perceptions, about this and that!

I have a slightly different take on it. I want to blog for entirely selfish reasons. When the double standards of the world get to be too much, andI want to get it out of my system, I want to blog. Vent my ire and anguish about what's wrong with the world and sometimes my joy at something really heartwarming that has come my way.

Something like the Indian queens of yore who used to use 'kope bhawans' (anger rooms) where they would vent their spleen about wrongs done to them. Lets says blogging for me is 'cope bhawan' when I try to cope with my stress or raise my voice against it.

But rabble rousing is just a part of my hobby. I gravitate towards psychics, future tellers, previous births, but I am God fearing, and understand the distinction between right and wrong. I shall begin my journey into the fourth decade of my life soon. (My Dad used to say I was born 40, so I guess my real age should be 80!). It s my ability to look through people and their hidden agendas that keeps me afloat and still illusioned (what's that?) with life.

I hope all who choose to read this sometimes eccentric sometimes ascerbic, mostly tongue in cheek, stoic posts keep returning to see what's new in my world.

1 comment:

MUSER said...

Phew!!What a start!
Only some one like you can do that.I loved the idea of 'kope bhavan' immensely.I really need one sometimes.
Way to go baby.