Monday, 19 November 2007

Some clear favourites

When I am not trying to juggle my dreams, anger, frustration and aspirations all at the same time, here are somethings I like to spend time with:

1. Hit oldies (music and songs like Lara's Theme, Old Summer Wine, Where do you go to my lovely, Carpenters, Cliff Richards and others of the same genre)

2. Bollywood (SRK, SRK , SRK): In my eyes, he can do no wrong (God help me! but can any man ever be perfect??) I shall wait to be disillusioned about him. AND all his movie songs! Ah and of course the huge camaraderie between him, Farah Khan and Karan Johar. How wonderful to have friends and colleagues who contribute to each others' success and the perfect understanding they work with. To die for!

3. Contemporary South Asian authors in English: Salman Rushdie, Vikram Seth, Jhumpa Lahiri, Arundhati Roy, Chitra Banerjee Divakaruni, Monica Ali, Khalid Hosseini and others of the same ilk.

4. Business (State of the economy): Uselessness of x and y percent GDP growth if it is not linked to number of people lifted from below the poverty line. Information, of the sort would anyway be government-fudged--so no use trying to fight for it. An independent agency to measure this phenomenon would probably be the answer, but who shall pay for the truth to come out?

5. Lifestyle : Just to make living a bit easier.

6. Ralf Fiennes before his infamous aircraft loo trip.

7. Innovative marketing gimmicks.

8. Travelling across the world.


zulfiquar said...

there r others besides ninan who r doing a great job
there r others besides srk

MUSER said...

Hark... do I hear rumblings of the green monster??
Admit ZH is doing the greatest job n is a vertitable God's gift to mankind!!

Nafeesa Ahmed said...

Really cool posts, but this one's the best coz some of those are my faves too! ;) Way to go!

Mummy said...

Mine too!

Mummy said...

Ralf Fiennes, whether before or after the loo incident is as sexy a hunk as ever. You gotta admit that.
No cheapo stewardess can ever be competition for the likes of us.What sez you? Think about that. Heh. Heh.

honestinjun said...

Mummy dear! I totally agree. He hasn't met US!