Tuesday, 27 November 2007

Cast(e)ing a bad spell

Seriously, I thought I lived in modern India. At least in pockets where I could relate to. My kind of India definitely consists of urban, semi-urban, salaried, upwardly mobile, gym going, mall and multiplex visiting, thirty or forty somethings.

But what I recently heard was disturbing. No, no it was not the recent rioting over Taslima or the blasts in UP or some such important life-threatening, politico-economic scenario, but a rot, which has always been around and never been stemmed. It is something beyond our day to day concerns, but present in our chromosomes.

Here is this wife of a top bureaucrat who frequents a well-known gym in the city and demands that her place, towels etc be kept separate because she belongs to the upper caste! (hamara to bahut chhoot par vishwas hai----'I believe in untouchability'!)

She makes no secret of her caste (loudness is her second nature) and expects special treatment including being allowed to nap on her massage bed for an extra 15 minutes just because she belongs to the upper caste and is the wife of a senior bureaucrat in the city. Never mind if this eats into appointment time of any other gym client. She is definitely bad news for the poor gym attendants!

I have even heard she was stopped by the city traffic police because she had compelled her driver to speed through the no entry sign and go in the opposite direction of the traffic! The traffic constable had to warn the poor chauffeur and ask him to take some other route.

Somebody needs to tell her about diversity and the Indian Constitution. Maybe I shall take it upon myself and do it one day. Before that, I want to know if she is breaking the law by talking about untouchability in a public place. Won't it be gleeful seeing her with other convicts, pleading for a special cell!?

It is people like this take the country back several centuries. Time to change the Indian Genetic Code!


Travelbunny said...

Yikes! Who would have thought this still happens in our own backyards. I think it would be pretty entertaining if you brought Ms. royalty down a peg...can't wait to hear the blog update on that :)

WorldGazer said...

Ms High and Mighty not only prides on her high caste(?) lineage but also demands the perks she thinks she deservers being a bureaucrat's spouse.
Why does she not take the services of a personal trainer visiting her at home away from ordinary lowly mortals. It is surprising that the management at the gym put up with this kind of behaviour.
Why do you think that is happening? Senior bureaucrat's spouse?

MumKool said...

What this woman is doing is definitely unlawful and she should be arrested. Her horrendous action cannot be condoned just because she is a bureaucrat's wife. She definitely cannot take law into her own hands. Artlcle 15 of the Constitution of India states that no person can be discriminated on the basis of religion, race, caste, etc.
Article 17 clearly states,
"Untouchability" is abolished and its practice in any form is forbidden. The enforcement of any disability arising out of "Untouchability" shall be an offence punishable in accordance with law. So there...
Please see this link for details...
What happened recently to the adivasis in Assam is also deplorable.
We Indians are more racists than the 'whites' and should hang our heads in shame.

honestinjun said...

Good point worldgazer! Obviously she is availing of the complimentary membership at the gym! And instead of shedding weight, she is throwing it around!! All because she is a bureaucrat's wife. Indian babudom (bureaucracy) is ridiculed and envied the world over. But the spouses are a different species altogether. This reminds me of an old joke: A retired civil servant (read top bureaucrat) was once asked whether he would want to be reborn as a bureaucrat in his next life. Pat came the answer:'In my next life, I want to be born as a bureaucrat's wife!' So I guess that explains what you have raised!