Tuesday, 9 March 2010

Pace and space

Its been a never ending roll...a hectic three-day visit to Dhaka, back home grounded with a severe infection and fever (I cannot recall a more runny nose in my life)with a mother of all colds which refuses to go even after 10-12 days. Has thrown my schedule off gear and have been laid up at home for four days. Life still not on track. To top it, am handling an official royal visit, grade XII boards exams for my elder one, the dad of my kids now assumed an all-important position in the state to combat its enemies and my ageing mum with a debilitating shoulder pain.

So what does an overworked-ill-single-mother-of-a-teen-taking-the-boards write?

Plenty I guess.

But strangely its life as usual to me. I was quite oblivious to my unenviable state till my sister pointed it out to me. But does it affect me? Not in the slightest, I guess. I have ceased to take the day to day pressures into my system and have, I guess, become used to life's little drills.

Only thing I regret is that my book has not got conceptualised as yet. I need peace, space and stillness within me to plan it out. The time is yet to come. Only God knows when the time will come, but it will, from within me. Once I have collected all I have to give to the book.

So help me dear God....

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