Sunday, 14 March 2010

Travel, trivia and a royal visit

Why does a raven seem like a writing desk?....this does not make sense but a question which the mad hatter keeps asking Alice throughout the movie, one of the best 3D movies of our time. How I loved all the characters....the Smiling Cat, the Blue Caterpillar, the Queen of Hearts and of course Alice herself. The Mad Hatter's Tea Party was intriguing and so was the rabbit who seemed even more insane than Hatter himself. Loved the way this story ended. All about slaying your demons and deciding your fate and future. Aaah lovely, and anyone who does not like this movie??? Well....Off with their heads!!

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The last three weeks have been hectic with travel to Dhaka and a serious viral infection which put me out of action for almost a week. Dhaka reminded me of Calcutta perhaps 20 years back...unending traffic snarls and frequent power cuts, ramshackle buses and taxis. However, the city had several pluses. People were gracious, more polite, almost affectionate and definitely better looking than their cousins across the border. Women specially were neat and trim packages, dainty, impeccably dressed, pretty features and carried themselves well. Quite a few of them had light coloured eyes, something which I adore. The best part about the place was the food and fabric. Food which made me break my vegetarian vow and I feasted on the gorgeous meat khichri, hilsa jhaal, and hilsa pulao, come of which I even carried home. The hotel we stayed at was to die for....Platinum Suites in downtown Dhaka where each room is a luxurious suite with the plushest of settings. The high point of the place were the lovely Jamdani sarees which I carried back home and a shop called Aarong was a favourite haunt to buy sarees, bed and table linen, leather stuff and Dhaka pearls. All together a beautiful time at Opar-e-Bangla.

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Last week rounded off with the official visit of a British royal, the best looking son of the Queen. I especially liked the way he walked with a swagger and carried his height and weight so well. Quite a royal bearing and great balance between seriousness and joviality. Made working on the royal visit a real pleasure.

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