Tuesday, 30 March 2010

Aal Eezz Welll...Not completely..

The last week was a mixed one. Ups and downs but not all that bad. Grade XII exams are so far so good. The brightest spot was the video of my new infant grand niece, gurgling and cooing at her mom. Could be the cutest and sweetest video in the world. This baby is special....She is my sister's dream come true, a dream which became a reality only after the deadly cancer took my sister to death's door.

So my journey during the Easter break is going to be very mixed. The joy of seeing the little one, intertwined with the emptiness of my departed sister's house. It will be difficult to see the bed where she once lay, her purse, her sunglasses, clothes, shower cap, dressing table with her cosmetics, her slippers....Gosh, its going to be harder than I thought.

But there is joy in shopping for her grandchild...clothes, bibs, rattles, teether, medicine feeder, ethnic baby clothes, fancy party baby wear... I've bought them all and not to forget the tiny gold earrings for the miniscule shell pink ears...:))Needless to say, my daughters are thrilled at becoming aunties for the first time and have pointedly written so, on the gift cards.

Easter break will also take me to the place where I love to be...my haven of hope, peace and even miracles...the mazhar at Ajmer Sharif, the resting place of Khwaja Moinudeen Chisti, where devotees from all over the world, irrespective of religion, caste and creed converge to pray for their loved ones and themselves. The prayer itself is for God, but we request the soul of the Khwaja to join us in our prayers. A great line from one of the devotional songs at the mazhar....'Maula, maula, maula mere maula, marammat muqaddar ki dar de maula'...(Meaning ...God please repair my fate). See, ultimately, its all about the soul.

Steeped in sufism, the place exudes universal love and transcends all barriers created by man. I just love being there. I shall go twice to the mazhar during this visit.

On the down side, the week was marred by a client who runs a phony company in the neighbouring state and is a political strongman. An obvious fake, who runs several shady businesses now wants to get into an immigration racket under the garb of investments. Obviously I have seen through the game and have gone completely slow on it. This has resulted in repeated nasty, hostile emails from this character. I have apprised my bosses accordingly and of course, they are on my side. While the emails are rather annoying, it takes more than some shady bloke make me lose my sleep.

So maybe aall eezzz not wellll....but it is as well as well can be!

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