Monday, 12 July 2010

Guys getting real

First of all, I am relieved that the FIFA Cup is over....At least I will get more frequent eyeballs on this blog which I have been missing for some time. And guys, please leave some comments. I would love to know your thoughts on what I am writing. Come on, don't be shy, but take your time....

I recently read an article called 'Real Heroes' and what attracted me to reading it was the fact that all the opinions were given by Indian women authors and the fact that most of them were around my age category intrigued me..

Some of the quotes I agree with are:

A man who can laugh at himself is dead sexy.
A guy who listens is great--but rare, if not mythical.
A good looking man is nice for 10 minutes. Then what?
More than looks, confidence attracts a woman.

And last but not the least

The Total Package

Intelligence, the ability to have a conversation, a sense of humour, a listener. He should also hold the promise of a decent life. If he's handsome, its great and if he can dance, better.

I would add humility and exude a sense of power to that...and of course well-dressed!

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